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The Amazon is a tropical region lying on both sides of the equator, though mostly to the south, and is classified as a tropical rainforest. The temperature is warm, ranging from a high of 36°C to a low of 15°C. At night it can feel comparatively chilly, so we recommend visitors to bring a light sweater. At Cristalino Lodge, there are two well-defined seasons: the dry season, from June to November, and the green season, from December to May. Both are excellent to visit the Amazon, each with special characteristics that will enrich your visit.

Walking in the Cristalino uplands, or sierras, during the dry season, when you can see natural gardens of philodendrons, heliconias and bromeliads.

During the dry season, the River Cristalino reaches its lowest point in September, when the rocks are exposed and there are many rapids, which is also a great time to spot large mammals and birds. During the green season, the forest becomes more humid and the river reaches its highest point in March, covering the rocks and flowing placidly. Rain can fall at any time of the year, but it is more common and abundant between October and May, although the showers tend to be heavy but short, with the clouds clearing to leave a clear blue sky and a fresh earthy smell in the air. The months of November and June are also wonderful, as they are transitional months between the seasons and the sky is especially colorful.

Watching the rain fall in the Amazon is one of nature's most impressive treats. The rain is usually heavy, but passes quickly, to be followed by sunshine, allowing everyone to carry on with their activities in the reserve.

Our visitors have been reporting excellent feedback for their stay, whatever the month. Our team will be delighted to welcome you at the Cristalino Lodge whenever you are ready for an unforgettable forest adventure.


Month Min Max
oC oF oC oF
January 21.9 71.4 29.8 85.6
February 21.9 71.7 30.1 86.2
March 22.0 71.6 30.4 86.7
April 21.5 70.7 31.0 87.8
May 20.3 68.5 31.1 88.0
June 17.7 63.9 32.0 89.6
July 15.9 60.6 33.7 92.7
August 15.7 60.3 34.6 94.3
September 19.5 67.1 34.2 93.7
October 21.3 70.3 32.4 90.3
November 21.9 71.4 31.2 88.2
December 22.5 72.5 30.1 86.2



The forest is lush and full of flowers, notably orchids, heliconias and bromeliads. The river is calm and beautiful, reaching its highest level in March. The humidity is also high. It’s a good time to spot the monkeys, which are especially active, due to the abundance of food in the forest. This is a time when many species are nesting or nurturing young. One can canoe through the flooded forest during this period, an incredible experience that makes the trip even more special.

Canoeing in the flooded forest is one of the highlights of your stay.


A thin layer of mist hangs above the forest canopy in the early hours of the day, a scene that can be enjoyed from the top of an Observation Tower. This phenomenon is known as a "flying rivers", which carries moisture from the forest into the atmosphere. The sunset at this time of year is particularly colorful. Many species, such as monkeys, can be seen with their young and butterflies are also frequently observed. One can still canoe in the flooded forest, especially in April and May when the birds are more active.

Sunrises from the top of a tower during the months of April to May present the most colorful sky of the year.


The forest becomes drier and the river reaches its lowest level, revealing rocks and rapids of crystal clear water. Nights can be a little cooler, sometimes reaching 15°C. It is an excellent time for watching birds, which are very active, and the Lodge has trails devoted especially to birdwatching. The butterflies are very active, either along the river or in the forest. The chances of seeing large mammals on the riverbanks - including the tapir, the largest mammal in Latin America.

During the dry months, it is easier to spot large mammals, such as tapirs and giant river otters, as well as an abundance of birdlife.


A sunny season and with enhanced visibility. The forest becomes greener and more luxuriant and many new philodendrons appear at ground level. It is a good season for watching monkeys and birds, as the forest is full of fruit and other foods. One can still see beaches and rocks along the river, especially in November. It is a perfect time for looking at beautiful landscapes and it is certainly a delightful period to visit the Cristalino Lodge.

Walking through the forest in November, one can note that it is greener, luxuriant and full of life.

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