Canoeing on the River Cristalino
Cécile Dubois
Cristalino Jungle Lodge Canoeing Cécile Dubois Edit Edit
Paradise Tanager (Tangara chilensis)
Jorge Lopes
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Kawall's Parrot (Amazona kawalli)
João Paulo Krajewski
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View from the top of a Cristalino tower
Marcos Amend
MAF Cristalino 01
Ancient Brazilnut tree
Cristian Dimitrius
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Exploring in small groups enhances the learning opportunity
Samuel Melim
Cristalino Jungle Lodge Ecotourists at trail Samuel Melim 14
Looking at the flora and fauna
Samuel Melim
Cristalino Jungle Lodge Canopy Tower with Birdwatcher Samuel Melim 5
Sunrise in the Amazon
Cristalino Lodge
Cristalinolodge22 tompapp dr 2011
Watching the forest awaken
Andre Dib
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View from the Sierra Trail
Samuel Melim
Cristalino Jungle Lodge Birdwatcher Samuel Melim
Sunrise in the forest
João Paulo Krajewski
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Archeoprepona sp
Benjamin Freeman
Cristalino Jungle Lodge IMG 1865 Benjamin Freeman
First rays of sunlight from the Cristalino Reserve
João Paulo Krajewski
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Canoeing along the quietly flowing River Cristalino, walking along trails to see and learn about the fauna and flora, taking a boat trip to see the rivers coming together, climbing the hills for spectacular views and observing the immense forest at sunrise or sunset from the top of an observation tower. All of this is part of your unforgettable Amazon journey.



Cristalino Lodge has more than 30 km (19+ miles) of trails, many of them in terra firma forest, an ecosystem dating back thousands of years that is home to ancient trees. The leaves are evergreen and the different trails enable our guests to learn more about this vibrant wealth, while observing the monkeys, birds, scenery and other fascinating features of this forest.

MAF 2019 06 Cristalino 1965 Editar 2


With no fewer than six different types of vegetation, Cristalino Lodge enables visitors to gain in-depth knowledge of the Amazon at a single location. Some of the trails take visitors to the Cristalino uplands, also known as sierras, some 450 meters above sea level, with their rich and distinctive ecosystem, where the vegetation sheds its leaves in the dry season. The views are spectacular!

Canopy tower from above II By Samuel Melim


Among the highlights of a visit to the Cristalino Lodge is the view from the observation towers. Both 50 meters tall, the towers are strategically located at different points within the reserve and offer stunning views of the Amazon, stretching away in all directions like a green carpet. Many species of birds and monkeys can only be seen from the towers. The sunrise, with the forest waking up all around you, will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

DJI 0008


One of the most relaxing activities on the tour is probably canoeing on the River Cristalino, with its wonderful scenic views. Gliding silently along the river makes it possible to observe the activities of the varied species of birds and monkeys and even tapirs and giant river otters. A real privilege. Between the months of January and May, it is possible to canoe in the midst of a submerged forest, with immense trees all around.

IMG 3268


Cristalino Lodge has always welcomed bird lovers, as this fascinating activity creates a profound connection with preservation areas. With nearly 600 cataloged species, the Cristalino reserves are home to dozens of endemic birds. Some have been scientifically described for the first time within the Cristalino reserves. There are specific trails for birdwatching, enabling immersion within the Amazon’s rich abundance of different species.

Cristalino Tourists learning about the forest II By Samuel Melim


The Amazon forest is a vast area with very dense vegetation, so spotting wildlife within it is a significant challenge. That's where the Cristalino Lodge structure and guides make all the difference, enabling visitors to find creatures that an untrained individual would never perceive.

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