Authentic Ecolodges

Blue and Gold Macaw By Jorge Lopes
Authentic Ecolodges

Authentic Ecolodges is a stunning look at some of the most forward-thinking ecolodges in the world's most exotic destinations. Featuring more than three hundred full-color photographs, detailed architectural sketches, and a rating system specially developed by ecolodge and ecotourism expert Hitesh Mehta, this book is the definitive word on what makes an ecolodge truly authentic.

Hitesh Mehta is one of the world's leading authorities, practitioners, and researchers of ecolodges and ecotourism. An architect, landscape architect, and sustainable tourism planner, he is also the longest-serving board member of The International Ecotourism Society.

Title: Authentic Ecolodges, by Hitesh Mehta
Published: November 2010
Edition: 1
Harper Design
Language: English
Type: Book
Where to buy: Amazon

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