Jorge Lopes

Blue and Gold Macaw By Jorge Lopes
Jorge Lopes

With over 13 years of experience at the Cristalino Lodge, Jorge is one of the best local guides. He has extensive knowledge of the location, identification and habits of hundreds of species of birds and mammals that inhabit the Cristalino Reserve. He is also a photographer and excellent guide for photographic tours. Jorge has contributed to publications about the Cristalino region, including the recent work by LEES, et al. (Alta Floresta revisited: an updated review of the avifauna of the most heavily surveyed site in south-central Amazonia). Jorge has been highly recommended by tourists who visit us.


  • Extensive knowledge about birds, making him an excellent birding guide. Jorge knows bird names in both English and Portuguese.
  • Extensive knowledge about mammals, including monkeys, tapirs and giant otters, making him a very good guide for nature tours.
  • Extensive knowledge about photography and a highly recommended guide for photographers.
  • Excellent ability to identify and locate specimens in the field.


  • Portuguese, with knowledge of the names of the birds in English, also.
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