Pure Life Experiences

Blue and Gold Macaw By Jorge Lopes
Pure Life Experiences

PURE Life Experiences honours the passion of the world’s most inspiring creators of life enriching experiences.

Underpinned by a steadfast set of values and an unyielding commitment to high-end, experiential, ‘High Emotion & Low Impact’ travel, PURE Life Experiences is considered the world's defining experiential travel trade event. It is based on the belief that the travel industry has the ability to enrich lives, transform people and ultimately change the world for the better. At a time when the high-end travel market had become overwhelmed with an endless supply of over-commoditized, ‘cookie cutter’ offerings, glamorised and promoted by the traditional luxury travel industry, they recognised that something had to change.

Today’s wealthy, sophisticated traveller has moved away from the traditional concept of luxury towards a more authentic, culturally honest idea of high-end travel. They seek personal transformation, so they look for journeys involving powerful and immersive experiences.

Cristalino Lodge is a member of PURE Life Experiences since 2013.

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