Travel Information


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  • Transfers between the Alta Floresta airport and the Cristalino Lodge 
  • Accomodation 
  • Full board (three meals a day)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Daily activities accompanied by a local guide and including equipment, boats and canoes (groups of no more than eight people per guide) 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Access to the 11,399 hectare Cristalino Nature Reserve 


The packages are adapted to the guests’ interests. See our programs for an overview of the kinds of experiences we suggest. Take a look also at the suggested Activities.


To enjoy everything that the Cristalino area has to offer, including tours of the Amazon rainforest, consider staying the number of nights indicated below:

  • Nature Tours: 4 to 5 nights
  • Birding: 6 to 7 nights
  • Photography: 5 to 7 nights


The Ecolodge tries to put people with similar interests in the same expedition group, up to a maximum of 8 people per group. However, guests can hire their own private guides, for an additional fee. This service must be scheduled in advance. See more about the Guides.


The hotel welcomes guests of all ages. However, there are no special activities for younger children. We recommend that children at least 7 years old, so that the whole family can enjoy a more enriching experience. Parents must take responsibility for their children at all times.


The Cristalino Lodge is situated at 247 meters above sea level. Some trails go up as high as 345 meters and offer splendid views of the undulating countryside. 


Drinking water is freely available to all the guests. 


The activities at the Cristalino Lodge are suitable for people of all ages and require a moderate level of effort. In order to be able to enjoy all the opportunities available, the participants need to be in good health, and we recommend that you have a basic medical check-up before signing up for a visit. Participants should prepare for the trip by reading about the suggested Activities and bringing the recommended clothing and personal equipment.


Any time, really. For more information, see climate and seasons.