Araras Eco Lodge

Northern Pantanal

Built in the style of a traditional Pantanal farm, the lodge offers an enjoyable combination of outdoor activities, including horseback riding, photographic safaris in prepared vehicles, canoeing, hiking and watching some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. 

An excellent option for extending one’s trip to the Cristalino Lodge is a stay at the Pousada Araras. The Pantanal has an astonishing level of biodiversity, within an ecosystem that is very different from that of the Amazon, combining extensive wetlands with savanna vegetation. The Pantanal is accessible from the city of Cuiabá.

The Pousada Araras has 19 guest rooms with private bathroom that has a shower with hot and cold water, screened windows, fan and air-conditioning. Meals include salads, vegetables, meats and fish and are prepared using fresh local ingredients and served in buffet style. The eco lodge also has a bar, swimming pool, refreshment stand, covered deck and spacious verandas, and the grounds cover an area of 2,760 hectares.

Packages range from 2 to 5 nights and include all activities, meals and transfers between the Marechal Rondon International Airport in Cuiabá and the lodge. It makes a great complement to a stay at the Cristalino Lodge. Prices are provided ​​on request.