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Global awareness and well-being



This retreat is geared for nature lovers and yogis at all levels of yogic experience looking for an opportunity to deepen our practice and our connection with the natural world, to restore ourselves to a state of physical, mental, and spiritual balance and live a sustainable life with respect for our beautiful planet. Options will be given in all classes for yogis at all levels from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners. During this 6-night retreat guests will be invited to immerse themselves in a yogic lifestyle and experience the benefits of life lived in harmony with our own highest nature and the whole of life.


Yoga is union. Through our yoga practice we come to remember our own true nature and in that remembrance, we find harmony with ourselves, with all other beings, and the whole of life. Yoga teaches us to uncover the divine within and to learn to see the same spark of the Ultimate in all life. What better place to experience this truth than in the heart of the pristine protected rainforest of Cristalino Lodge, situated inside one the most magnificent and biologically diverse areas of the planet.

During this retreat we will have the opportunity to restore ourselves in the deepest ways, reconnecting with our own truest selves and living in harmony with all life. We will practice asana (physical postures) and meditation not only surrounded by nature, but as a part of nature. And as we return to our own true nature, to the source of our being, we will experience the deep well-being which comes from realizing that the same source exists at the heart of all life, that we all come from the same source, that we are all an expression of that source, like waves of one sea.

The program will include two daily yoga and meditation sessions, guided nature hikes, free time to swim in the river or explore the trails on your own or just to be still and take in the magic of the present moment. Afternoon activities will include boat tours for world-class bird watching and spotting other animals of the rainforest such as the several endangered primate species who call Cristalino home, river otters, and capybaras. Other afternoon activities will include a plant-based cooking class, walking meditation through the trails of the forest, nature hikes and boat tours.

Each night a delicious plant-based dinner will be followed by different activities including guided night hikes or boat tours to spot some of the nocturnal animals of the Amazon, a Yoga Nidra practice, a presentation on the flora and fauna of the Amazon and the inspiring history of Cristalino preserve, and a presentation on the power of our food choices to heal ourselves and heal the environment. Namaste! 


November 27th - December 3rd, 2017 (6 nights)



Transfer from the Alta Floresta airport to Cristalino Lodge, involving a 1-hour road trip and 30 minutes by boat. Cristalino Lodge's staff will welcome you at the hotel and show you to your room. You will meet the teacher and the guides who will accompany the group, to talk about the program. Before dinner, there will be a slide show and some words of welcome from Tracey Glover. She will address the most important topics and techniques themes of for this Amazon adventure and there will be time to raise any initial doubts questions about the yogic retreat.


Sunrise meditation
Wake with the creatures of the rainforest for an early morning slow flow, pranayama and meditation. On the first morning we’ll hike to the observation to tower for sunrise meditation with the birds.  

Plant-based cooking class
We will observe noble silence for the first 20 minutes of all meals. For the love of our own bodies, all other beings, and planet earth, all meals will be plant-based. After lunch, Tracey will teach some exciting plant-based cooking techniques.


Tree hugging at the Castanheira trail
The nut tree that gives its name to the trail is the tallest tree in the forest. It is about 500 years old and it takes six people holding outstretched hands to embrace her. This is a good opportunity to experience silence amidst the pristine forest.

Sunset on the Teles Pires River 
In the afternoon, gliding over the Cristalino RIver, heading towards the Teles Pires River, you will be able to see the meeting of the waters in a perfect sunset setting. Benefit from the beautiful natural scenery and end your day with an invigorating yoga, pranayama and meditation class.


Walking meditation
After a delicious breakfast in our charming restaurant, enjoy a walking meditation oin one of the trails of our forestall reserve. This is a beautiful moment to nurture profound harmony with all the living beings and discover inner peace.

Sleep like a baby
End your day with a 1-hour practice yoga nidra class for a good night of sleep in your charming private bungalow surrounded by nature. You do not need to worry about getting your room ready for bed, as the housekeeping service will organize everything so that you can sleep like a baby.


Morning practice
Enjoy a morning yoga class in our enchanting conference hall equipped with ceiling fans, natural ventilation system and screen walls that provide extensive views of the surrounding area. Tracy will guide you to a sequence of asanas that will heal your body and the environment.

Peace and love in the forest
The setting of the sun in the Amazon is one of those moments that deserves special dedication. There is a much meditation and asanas to be put into practice while watching a breathtaking sunset from above the treetops. Named after Ted Parker, the tower honors this renowned ornithologist who visited the Cristalino Lodge in the 1990s. In addition to the possibility of observing the fauna and flora, it will provide an unique experience of peace and love.


Awakening pranayama 
Join the daily morning practice and reconnect with our own truest self living in harmony with all life. We will meditate not only surrounded by nature, but as a part of nature. After class, be sure to taste some fresh amazonian fruits in our floating deck and, of course, go for a dip in the Cristalino River!

Closing lecture
At night, in our comfortable auditorium, the yogic lessons taken will be studied in greater depth and Tracey Glover will share precious tips regarding the power of food choices, dharma and meditation techniques. 


Free morning

Spend the morning relaxing in the comfort of your bungalow or enjoy the free time to carry out a final yogic moment at Cristalino. Departure from the hotel is at 10 am, bound for the airport in Alta Floresta.

* The sequence of the activities may be altered.


  • Comfortable clothes to practice asanas
  • Blouse or sweatpants for any cold nights
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Writing notebook and pen for notes
  • Appropriate shoes for hiking
  • Dry-fit shirts
  • Tactel trousers or similar
  • Hat or cap
  • Light Raincoat or anorak
  • Sunscreen 30 or higher
  • Repellent – we recommend unscented repellent Exposis
  • AfterBite


Tracey Winter Glover is a yoga and meditation teacher, author, and vegan chef. She is also the Founding Director of Awakening Respect and Compassion for All Sentient Beings ("ARC"), an animal rights group based in Mobile, Alabama. Tracey spent two months in Rishikesh, India, Himalayan yoga capital of the world, studying yoga and meditation along the banks of the Ganges. In 2010, she started a small business, The Pure Vegan, and created the Shanti Warrior School of Living Yoga, through which Tracey offers private and group classes, workshops, as well as a Yoga Alliance credentialed 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Whether teaching an advanced vinyasa flow class or a gentle class for beginners, Tracey always emphasizes the underlying philosophy of respect for all beings and the whole of nature and the fundamental principle of unity and interconnection of all life that lie at the heart of the yogic teachings. She is the author of the book “Lotus of the Heart: Living Yoga for Personal Wellness and Global Survival,” published by Lantern Books. She is currently in production of her first documentary film project "The End of Suffering".

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"What better place to experience the truth of our interconnection with all life than in the heart of the pristine protected rainforest of Cristalino Lodge!"
Tracey Glover