Brazilian Gastronomy



Who this Program is Recommended for

Lovers of cooking, at all skill levels, who would like to immerse themselves in the techniques and flavors of contemporary cuisine in the midst of one of the Amazon forest’s last preserved areas, under the special guidance of the renowned chef Vitor Sobral.


Cooking is the art of preparing food, and it has evolved over the centuries to provide a vast range of flavors and delicacies. In this workshop, we shall explore elements of the innovative Portuguese cuisine, blended with typical ingredients from the Amazon, to provide a local Brazilian touch to the dishes, including items such as the Brazil-nut, cupuaçú, açaí berry, peachpalm fruit, tambaquí freshwater fish, pequí fruit and buriti palm.

The program comprises cookery classes in which the participants can learn how to prepare a variety of contemporary dishes, while also enjoying healthy, nutritious and tasty cuisine. At the hotel, a beautiful restaurant offering candle-lit dinners complements the experience by creating an environment that is conducive to enjoying the meals while sharing memorable experiences.

The cookery classes will be supplemented by nature activities, enabling the participants to get to know the beautiful area around the Cristalino Lodge in an easy-going, engaging and educational manner. The exploratory trips will be accompanied by experienced guides who will point out the many memorable features of the Amazon, taking in ancient trees, learning about the flora and fauna, boat trips, canoeing and watching the sunrise and sunset from the top of our observation towers.



May 17th to 21st (4 nights)



Transfer from the Alta Floresta airport to Cristalino Lodge. The staff at the Cristalino Lodge will welcome you to the hotel and show you to your room. You will meet chef Vitor Sobral and the guides who will accompany the group, to talk about the schedule.

Innovating with the legacy

A talk about the "Roots of Brazilian Gastronomy - the Portuguese Legacy and the Blending of Flavors". The chef will talk about the Portuguese origins and traditional products, the introduction of native Brazilian products and the birth of a new Portuguese-Brazilian gastronomy based on that mix.


Expedition seeking out flavors

The chef will go out into the forest with the group, seeking out native products available along the Cristalino Lodge trails, such as fish, cassava and vegetables. It is an opportunity to sharpen the senses to the aromas, colors and sounds of the forest, while learning about the local flora and fauna.


A show beneath the stars

Chef Vitor will prepare the tambaquí and cod, traditional fish of the Amazon and Portuguese cuisines, with opportunities for the participants to sample the results on the outdoor deck, surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of the forest at night.


Bakery workshop

A class in the techniques for preparing traditional Portuguese bread, using a special fermentation technique, during which the participants are able to get their own hands messy, working alongside the chef.

Wine at sunset

Wine tasting, at the top of the observation tower, with Portuguese wines accompanied by the fresh bread made earlier by the participants in the workshop. From a height of 50 meters, which places them above the tree tops, the group will be able to watch an unforgettable sunset.


Harmonizing flavors

An oenophilistic and gastronomic dinner in the Cristalino Lodge restaurant, specially prepared by chef Vitor Sobral, showcasing Portuguese cuisine enhanced by Brazilian products and harmonized with a selection of special Portuguese wines.

What to bring with you

  • Pullover or tracksuit for possible cold nights
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Pen and notepad or notebook for taking
  • Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers suitable for trails
  • Dry-fit shirts
  • Trousers - tactel or similar material
  • Hat or cap
  • Light raincoat or anorak
  • Sunscreen - we recommend FPS 30 or higher
  • Insect repellent - we recommend the odorless repellent Exposis
  • Cream for treating mosquito bites

ABOUT Vitor sobral

Vitor Sobral bases his array of flavors on Portuguese gastronomic tradition and for his work he has been awarded the title of Comenda da Ordem do Infante D. Henrique. His path took him to the best known restaurants and he now has his own places in Lisbon - Tasca da Esquina (Corner Tavern) and Cervejaria da Esquina (Corner Alehouse). Tasca da Esquina opened in São Paulo, in 2012 - the first restaurant to bridge the Atlantic divide between Portugal and Brazil, and the Portuguese chef still heads the Taberna da Esquina, as well as, more recently, the Padaria da Esquina (Corner Bakery). Sobral is also a consultant chef to companies like TAP and Vista Alegre.

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"It is a privilege to be able to be in the Amazon, to cook with local endogenous products. It's an unforgettable experience"
Vitor Sobral