Yoga Infinite Amazon




Who this Program is suitable for

Practitioners of all levels who would like to immerse themselves in the practice of yoga, in the midst of one of the last preserved areas in the Amazon, under the guidance of professor Dany Gonçalves.

What to Expect

Visiting the Amazon is the dream of every traveler seeking to make an authentic connection with the natural world. At Cristalino Lodge yoga and meditation retreat, we shall be amid the greatest concentration of life on the planet, the Amazon jungle, which makes it a very sacred place.

Meditation and yoga open up our senses and our power of perception. Deep in the forest, these daily practices make the journey a transforming experience, as we perceive that the grandeur and power of nature also exist within each one of us.

At this retreat, led by professor Dany Gonçalves, we shall perform the daily exercises of yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation, periods of silence and reflection, inspiring us to feel and absorb the pure energy of this location.

There will be five days to familiarize ourselves with different aspects of nature, both internal and external. Indeed, the yoga point of view is that there is no "inside" and "outside," but an infinite continuum. It is a network that permeates everything. To look at the beauty of the forest is to know that the same beauty resides within us - pure, abundant and full of life! Join us in this experience of unity.


November 1-5th, 2018.


Day 1

Transfer from the Alta Floresta airport to Cristalino Lodge, involving a 1-hour journey by road and a 30-minute boat trip. The staff at the Cristalino Lodge will welcome you to the hotel and show you to your room. You will meet the teacher and the guides who will accompany the group, to talk about the schedule.

Getting in the mood
In the evening, there will be an introductory yoga session, an ideal way to relax in the midst of nature. After dinner, Dany Gonçalves will give a brief welcoming speech, in which she will discuss the most important topics and techniques to make the most of this Amazon adventure. There will also be time for answering any questions about the program.

Day 2

Hug a 500-year-old tree
The tree is on the Castanheira Trail and is the oldest in the forest, dating back about 500 years. It takes six people holding hands, with arms outstretched, to be able to embrace it. This is a rare opportunity to draw upon the powerful energy contained within this pristine forest.

Sunset from the River Teles Pires
At the end of the afternoon, gliding by boat on the River Cristalino, where it enters the River Teles Pires, you can see the meeting of the different colored waters and enjoy a perfect sunset. And having reaped the benefits of the beautiful natural scenery, you can end the day with a refreshing session of yoga and meditation. After dinner, Dany Gonçalves will give a talk on "Aging cycles".

Day 3

Meditation at dawn
Wake up while the forest is still sleeping, for an early morning of gentle flow, pranayama and meditation. Then we shall walk to the observation tower and, from the top, watch the forest come awake and enjoy a special meditation session while the sun rises over the infinite sea of green at our feet. This is literally one of the highest points of the day!

The experience of silence
After a siesta in the comfort of your bungalow or on the floating deck, we shall go kayaking upstream to observe the creatures that appear along the riverbanks. Having enjoyed the silence and beautiful scenery along the way, we will end the day with a relaxing yoga class. This time the theme of the evening talk will be "Yoga in daily life".

Day 4

Perfect pranayama
Join in the morning yoga practice and reconnect with the elements of your being for a life in harmony with all living things. You will find you are not simply meditating surrounded by nature so much as being a part of nature. After the session, try some of the delicious Amazonian fruits, while relaxing on the floating deck. And, of course, don’t miss the chance to take a refreshing dip in the River Cristalino, which really lives up to its name.

Peace and love in the forest
We will go up the second observation tower, to do some asanas and meditate, while watching a breathtaking sunset. The tower is named in honor of Ted Parker, the renowned ornithologist who visited the Cristalino Lodge in the 1990s. In addition to enjoying a different view of the fauna and flora, you will experience a unique feeling of peace and love. At the end of the day, there will be a chat about "What you will take away inside you from the Amazon."

Day 5

Farewell yoga session
Take some time in the morning to enjoy a yoga session inspired by all of your experience in the forest. Then you can relax in the comfort of your bungalow or, if you prefer, take a trek into the forest, in perfect harmony with nature, for a final meditative moment at Cristalino Lodge. Departure from the hotel is at 10 am, when we will take you to the Alta Floresta airport.

* The sequence of the activities is subject to alteration.


Dany Gonçalves has been a yoga teacher for 17 years. Originator of the Espaço Una Yoga, in São Paulo, which offers different yoga formats and ayurveda therapies, Dany also gives training courses for instructors, to assist those seeking professional transformation. This is the first time that Dany will conduct a yoga retreat at Cristalino Lodge. With her sharp eye for transformations in nature, the teacher will help to ensure that the group will enjoy the beautiful sunny days and verdant and vibrant forest typical of the green season.


"I was enchanted by the natural wealth of the Cristalino Reserve. I felt that I found a place in the world where my spirit rested."
Dany Gonçalves