Amazon Immersion

INTEGRAtion PRacTICeS and RITualS 



The immersion program conducted by Lucila Mantovani is aimed at nature lovers who are seeking a unique opportunity to do yoga, meditation and other activities, such as massage and bodypainting, that puts you in touch with the Brazilian native culture. Healthy food, hiking and expeditions within the midst of nature, poetry, music and rituals will provide you with some memorable integration experiences.

what tO ExPEct

The Amazon forest is the location of this nature immersion program that makes use of practices that have stood the test of time, bringing people together in an ecosystem that is conducive to stimulating the intuition and spirit of participation. No previous experience is required or even necessary to join the program, which will include yoga practices for all levels, breathing exercises, meditation, massage and bodypainting that is inspired by the traditions of the women of a native American people, the Kadiwéu. The delight over the silence and the natural wonders that the forest can provide will be enhanced by the assistance of the guides, with their information about mammals and birds that inhabit the forest and its myths, as well as the rituals that will include subjective exchanges between the participants, poetry and music. This will be a rare opportunity to enjoy a creative and harmonious experience in one of the last preserved areas within the Amazon.

Amazon immersion program

The program will include sessions of yoga, pranayama, morning meditation, guided expeditions and free time to swim in the river, explore the trails or simply relax. The afternoon activities will include boat trips to watch the birds and other forest creatures, accompanied by a guide who will provide information on how the animals and plants interact and balance the life within the ecosystem in which they coexist. And there will be massage and meditation sessions, plus tips on healthy eating. Every evening, a delicious dinner will be served, using vegetarian recipes that are organic and gluten-free. That will be followed by activities to observe the nocturnal animals, slide presentations of the fauna and flora and gatherings to enjoy poetry and music and hear about the local myths,.

Contempo Yoga is a practice that brings together elements of the Kripalu, Hatha and Vinyasa styles and combines postures, movements and exercises to develop strength, flexibility, balance, relaxation, meditation and breathing, aswell as participation and intuition. Classes will be tailored to the specific needs of the group, according to the schedule below.

The bodypainting workshop and massages will also be used as a means of developing sensitivity in one’s contact with others and with nature. A massage is an exchanging of energy whereby, using gliding, friction and kneading techniques, the therapist works on the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and energy systems to bring about relaxation of the body and mind and overcome physical and mental fatigue. The painting of designs on the body, using dye from the genipap fruit, is a technique used especially by Kadiwéu women to decorate the body for special occasions, keeping one healthy and whole, while providing a potential bridge between different cultural worlds.

period of the PROGRAM 

November 2017, from the 23th to the 27th (4 nights)



The flight on Wednesday arrives in Alta Floresta at 1:45 pm. The transfer from the airport to the Cristalino Lodge involves a 90 minute boat trip. The Cristalino Lodge staff will welcome you to the hotel and show you to your room. Then you will meet the teacher and the guides who will accompany the group on trips beyond the lodge. The rest of the afternoon is free.

Restorative yoga
As dusk is falling, before dinner, there will be a restorative yoga class to ease the body and mind and remove the tensions that have accumulated and concentrated in different areas of each person’s body.

Welcoming ritual
After dinner, there will be an informal welcoming ceremony, where everyone will get to know each other and learn about the topics and techniques that will be covered in the classes and workshops, as well as important information about getting around and coexisting in this new environment, the tropical forest. There will also be time to ask questions and make suggestions about the program.


On the Castanheira trail
Early in the morning, we will go out on the Castanheira (Brazil nut tree) trail, a round trip that takes between 3 and 4½ hours to complete. On the hike we will come across the magnificent Brazil nut tree that gives the trail its name. At about 500 years old, it is the oldest tree in the forest. And we’ll learn how certain plants and animals interact with one another in this wonderful ecosystem, as well as about the ways it maintains its equilibrium.

Sunset over the River Teles Pires
At the end of the afternoon, from a boat on the River Cristalino heading towards the River Teles Pires, you will be able to see the phenomenon of the meeting of the light and dark waters of the two rivers and enjoy a spectacular tropical sunset.

Kripalu Yoga and Meditation
Before dinner, we will have a session of Kripalu Yoga and meditation, for 75 minutes.

Moitará ritual
After dinner, we will hold a ritual called Moitará, wherein each participant chooses an object of special significance to exchange with the other participants.


Pranayama and Pratyahara
We get up when it is still dark and walk to the 50-meter high observation tower, accompanied by the sounds of the forest getting ready for a brand new day. At the top of the tower, above the tree canopy, we will do a breathing exercise and then we will immerse ourselves in a session of pratyahara, to experience new perspectives and feelings as the sun comes up over the horizon.

Kayaking and watching the fauna
We will go kayaking upstream to observe the animals that appear on the river banks. The group will be accompanied by a guide who will provide interesting information about how the animals live and interact between the forest and the river.

Yoga in pairs
After enjoying the silence and beautiful scenery in our trip on the river, we will end the afternoon with a relaxing class of yoga in pairs.

Bodypainting ritual
At night, after dinner, we will have a session of ritual bodypainting, in which we will start to connect with the subconscious present in our skin.


Vinyasa Yoga
After an invigorating one-hour session of Vinyasa Yoga, we will try out the flavors of some exotic Amazonian fruit during breakfast, which will be followed by a dip in the river, to remove any remains of charcoal on the body. We shall spend the rest of the morning by the river.

A meditative walk
We shall walk in silence to the second observation tower, where we shall sit in meditation as we watch the sunset. This tower is named in honor of the renowned ornithologist Ted Parker, who visited the Cristalino Lodge in the 1990s. Following the meditation session, we will look at the fauna and flora, assisted by our guide.

Massage workshop
Before dinner, we will have a relaxing massage session, in pairs.

Storytelling, music and poetry around the fire
After dinner, we will gather on the deck and around the open fire, to talk about our dreams and experiences, tell stories and listen to poetry and music, as we enjoy a star-filled night sky.


Yoga and mantras
Before breakfast, but after eating some fruit, we shall have a yoga session, accompanied by mantras.

Free time and farewells
After breakfast, there will be time to relax in your bungalow, venture into the forest or go down to the river for farewell rituals. Departure from the hotel is at 10 am, from where you will be taken to the Alta Floresta airport.

* The sequence of the activities is subject to change.


In addition to being a yoga teacher, Lucila is a poet and art curator. She studied Vinyasa Yoga under Prof. Anderson Allegro, of Aruna Yoga, Iyengar Yoga at Surya Yoga and Kripalu Yoga at the Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health in Massachusetts (USA). She has been teaching for more than 15 years and was one of the owners [BLR2] of the Mahalila School, in Pinheiros, São Paulo. Lucila organizes programs of artistic immersion in nature and conducts research into contemporary creative processes. She believes in diversity, horizontality, intuition, the body, the Other, alliances through affinity, the process and the power of nature, of coming together and of affection.

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"I hope that, through this immersion in nature and integration practices, we can rest and end the year more aware of the things that really matter to each one, more open to the 'other' and a desire to develop new relationships."
Lucila Mantovani