Professional and amateur photographers who want to take pictures of nature in the Amazon. 


If you are not familiar with professional or semi-professional cameras, you might feel more comfortable enrolling in our nature tour (ecotourism) or bird watching program. It is also not recommended for people whose mobility is impaired or who have serious health problems. Always consult your doctor before signing up for a trip.


Photographic activities are always accompanied by a private guide, who will do his/her best to maximize the chances of obtaining the best pictures over the course of your stay. The activities generally begin early in the morning, before sunrise. The guide will look for subjects of special interest to the photographer, such as birds, monkeys, landscapes, butterflies, reptiles, insects, plants, fungi or flowers.

It is important to bear in mind that the forest understory receives limited light, even when the sun is at its highest, so it may be advisable to use a flash. Moreover, many species may only be seen from a distance, so it is recommended that you use at least a 300 mm lens. Meanwhile, up on the Observation Towers, 300 up to 600 mm lenses might be a good idea. There are also great opportunities for landscape photos with wide-angle lenses.

It is also important to take into consideration that observing animals in the Amazon is a more challenging task than in the cerrado or Pantanal regions, because it is easier for species to hide within the forest and move around undetected. Some are also shy and hard to find. Nevertheless, it is a very gratifying experience to photograph species that you will not see anywhere else in the world. Photography can be extremely rewarding, and guests often go home with some stunning pictures in their luggage. Taking pictures of the sunrise from an Observation Tower, giant trees, endemic monkeys, multicolored birds, the sunset over the river is an unforgettable experience. The highly trained guides will assist you to get the best images.


We recommend a stay of 5 to 7 nights, 5 or 6 nights being the ideal length of time.

Photography Workshops

If you are interested in photography, also check our photography workshops which are help from time to time at Cristalino Lodge with renewed photographers.


  • Camera
  • Telephoto lenses (with 300mm lenses it is possible to get excellent images, however telephotos with more than 300 mm will help in the observation towers)
  • Wide-angle lenses (there will be opportunities to shot stunning Amazonian landscapes)
  • Macro lenses: if you enjoy macro photography, Cristalino offers great opportunities to shot insects, butterflies, fungus, etc.
  • Flash
  • Tripod and/or monopod
  • Protection against humidity (rain is a reality in the Amazon. It is good to protect your equipment. If you don’t have sealed bags, regular plastic bags will help protect your apparatus).
  • Batteries, chargers and additional memory cards.
  • Notebook (it's not essential, but it’s great for backup and visualization).
  • Compact camera (for making off and common shots).
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Red-fan Parrot (Deroptyus accipitrinus), photo by Edson Endrigo.