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The Cristalino Lodge offers many outdoor activities within the stunning scenery of the tropical rainforest. The combination of great diversity of fauna and trails that take you through different types of landscape, together with the beauty of the fully preserved River Cristalino, makes this a unique destination for those who appreciate nature.


This program is ideal for people who enjoy outdoor activities and are seeking a memorable Amazon experience. The activities are light to moderate, are suitable for a wide age range, from 9-year-old children up to seniors, and even include educational features.


This program is not recommended for people seeking long and arduous adventure activities or extreme outdoor activities that require considerable effort. The Cristalino Lodge has no such activities, although some of the trails within the hotel’s system of activities can bring great satisfaction. It is also not recommended for people whose mobility is impaired or who have serious health problems. Always consult your doctor before signing up for a trip.


There are trails of different kinds, taking you through forests and hills, plus canoeing and climbing the Observation Towers, during which you can look at the plants, birds and monkeys. The activities usually begin early in the morning, particularly if you are to watch the sunrise from the top of an Observation Tower.

It is important to note that viewing animals in the Amazon is a challenging task, because of the forest environment. Many birds and animals can only be seen with the help of the telescope that the guides carry with them. Nevertheless, the Cristalino region is one of the richest when compared to other parts of the Amazon due to the considerable variety of types of vegetation and terrain, thus making it common to see several different species on a single trip. It is also important that guests are prepared for the climate, which is hot and humid throughout most of the year.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this program is the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in the entire Amazon region and to learn about its importance in a light and cheerful manner.


We recommend a stay of 4 to 5 nights, 4 nights being the ideal length of time.

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I will never forget the first time I jumped in a boat and went to Cristalino Lodge. In the Teles Pires and Cristalino river, among the stunning primary rainforest, I saw macaws and toucans flying, monkeys and even a family of the endangered Giant Otter, just in the way to the lodge. Although I have been traveling around the world for filming and photographing wildlife, nothing has prepared me for the beauty and abundance of life in the Cristalino.
João Paulo Krajewski. Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker.