Ever since the Cristalino Lodge was first established, conservation of local biodiversity has been its main source of inspiration and motivation.

Protecting the rich Cristalino area is an integral part of the hotel’s work. In 1999, the Cristalino Foundation, a non-governmental organization, was set up to work in partnership with the eco lodge. The Cristalino Lodge and the Cristalino Foundation make use of their synergy to preserve this special Amazon retreat. 


On the one hand, the Cristalino Foundation performs various activities, including the conservation and monitoring of the forest reserves where the Cristalino Lodge is located; research and knowledge generation and promoting sustainable development in the region. The School of the Amazon, an educational program involving the students of the schools in the region that seeks to create a positive relationship between young people and the forest, also falls within the scope of the foundation’s activities.

On the other hand, the Cristalino Lodge welcomes visitors from all around the world wishing to partake in responsible tourism, as well as contributing to the promotion and strengthening the economic, social and natural endowments of the area. By visiting the Cristalino Lodge, the guests are contributing towards the conservation of biodiversity in this precious Amazon region. Through guided activities, the guests can share the cool morning air with the 586 bird species that inhabit the reserve, then walk through virgin forests to take a look at some delightful primitive gardens, before heading back for a bathe in the River Cristalino or do some canoeing amid a colorful ballet of monkeys, butterflies and fish. Visitors to the Cristalino Lodge also directly contribute to the conservation of this wonderful area in the Amazon.