Accommodations & Facilities


The Cristalino Lodge is located beside the River Cristalino, within a private forest reserve in the southern part of the Brazilian Amazon region. It has been carefully designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding jungle, so that guests can enjoy our accommodations and community areas in an exotic yet comfortable environment that caters to their needs, with a cosy bed, refreshing baths, a soothing hammock, and every convenience close at hand. The bar, with an inviting log fire burning in the middle of its riverside deck, provides a view of the night sky full of stars, while the restaurant complements the experience by serving delicious candlelight dinners. This all adds to the exclusivity of an ecolodge that is seriously committed to the environment. In addition to practicing responsible tourism, the hotel supports the Cristalino Foundation, an organization that is devoted to environmental education, human development, minimizing human impact on the environment and carrying out research in the region. Everything is geared towards sustainability through tourism, helping you to integrate with nature.

“The bungalows have been carefully designed, using natural materials and providing excellent ventilation, solar heating, waste treatment and a perfect balance between design and comfort.”
Ariane Janér, Brazilian Ecotourism Society


Drop off to sleep to the soothing sound of the river! Wake up with the sunrise and the howler monkeys calling from the forest!  Our guest quarters are located within our 11,399 hectare Amazon reserve. Built of wood, with cool ceramic tile flooring, the bungalows and premier rooms blend into the vegetation and are naturally ventilated, using ceiling air ducts. Screens in the windows allow guests to enjoy not only views of the jungle, but its sounds and smells too. All accommodations have solar water heating and biological waste treatment, emphasizing our concern over responsible tourism.


The hotel’s social areas include:

  • Conference hall, for theme-based talks and discussions
  • Restaurant with indoor and outdoor areas, serving Brazilian and regional dishes
  • Bar with impressive views of the surrounding rocks and jungle
  • Cosy reading room
  • WiFi internet
  • Mini-store offering Cristalino Lodge T-shirts, local handicrafts, books and outdoor clothing
  • Open deck with chairs and open fire, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the night sky


A comfortable leisure deck over the River Cristalino, where you can assimilate the energy of the water, enjoy nature and swap stories around the open fire. The deck also provides access to the Cristalino Lodge. It is linked to the shore by a walkway out over the river and provides great views in all directions. Breathe in Cristalino’s natural environment and feel your senses becoming sharpened to the beauty of life, in all its splendor, as you are captivated by the endless river, the dense greenery of the Amazon jungle, the silence of the night, the tropical rain, the jungle odors and the greetings from the abundant birdlife.