The Concept


The Cristalino Lodge is committed to helping visitors to enjoy a unique experience in the Amazon rainforest, while learning about the environment and its importance to our daily lives.

The Cristalino Lodge philosophy of hospitality starts with the choice of modern architecture that uses space in harmony with nature, creating an atmosphere of comfort, sophistication and well-being. For 24-hours a day, we take great care over the minimal details, from the welcome upon arrival to lovely candlelight dinners, the bar service, the open fire, all the activities in the forest, and in the well-kept gardens.

The guides are all nature lovers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and respect for the Amazon. We feel that a happy and positive experience with us tends to deepen people's connection with nature.

In our view, facilitating contact with nature helps to create luxury out of the essential.

It provides a touch that sharpens the senses to appreciation of the simple and beautiful things in life, which are manifest here in all their splendor, from the seemingly endless forest stretching away into the distance to the star-filled night sky, the soothing sound of the river, the quiet of the middle of the night, the Amazon rain and the jungle scents. And this feeling of well-being can also be enjoyed in the comfort of the bungalows, where the accommodation ensures a cozy night’s rest and makes use of sustainable practices such as a natural ventilation system, solar water heating and the treatment of biological waste. 

In addition to responsible tourism, the Cristalino Lodge plays an important role in environmental conservation, through the Cristalino Private National Heritage Reserve (RPPN), as well as performing a valuable social function through various activities in the region devoted to education, research and conservation, organized and run through the Cristalino Foundation. This is all part of who we are, continually thinking about how to bring you and nature closer together.


See Cristalino Lodge video. Production: EPTV - Globo Brazil

Sunset at the Cristalino Private National Heritage Reserve, photo by Marcos Amend